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Body Tempering


"Successful people never worry about what others are doing"


Body Tempering has been around for years and is starting to pick up momentum and is best described as PREHAB. Basically it is a form of myofascial release (releasing knots and lesions from specific areas of tissue). This is what Physiotherapists do to repair tightness or injury. but instead of using our hands we use steel cylinders to "roll out" the damage. Doing this on a regular basis keeps injuries at bay and allows you to train more frequently


We Gather information on what is bothering you and with a short assessment of the area and some warming up we get to work using our steel cylinders in a rolling motion over the effected area. General sessions are approx. 30mins.


Bang for buck well, you just don't get better. Regular Physiotherapist sessions can cost a small fortune. By no means is body tempering a substitute for physio. But it will certainly reduce your Physio session frequency and keep on top of new or recurring injuries with a new found mobility.

Why Us?

At The Asylum we pride ourselves for being an educational facility for any level of client. First time in the gym, under 16, over 50, seasoned athlete, first time competitor we can help you!

We are not fresh out the classroom! Our knowledge comes from real world experience. Our clients and their results speak for themselves.