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"Don't be afraid to shine.

Remember, the sun doesn't care if it blinds you"


Our Coaching sessions can be tailored in so many different ways to suit the individual. We offer block booking discounts on 1 to 1, 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 sessions.


We Determine what you would like the session/s to include based on your goals. Going through some basic mobility and warming up drills then spend our time improving the technique. Approx. time 1 hour but can run on if we have not finished.


Coaching sessions are a great way to gain that well needed knowledge and confidence in your lifting with Paul or Kellie.

Why Us?

At The Asylum we pride ourselves for being an educational facility for any level of client. First time in the gym, under 16, over 50, seasoned athlete, first time competitor we can help you!

We are not Fresh out the classroom. Our knowledge comes from real world experience. Our clients and their results speak for themselves.