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"Failing to prepare is Preparing to fail"


Mobility is a hugely important for everyone in day to day life. Not just lifters. Mobility work is highly under utilised for the dangers it can pose being stiff. Muscle tears, hip pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, ankle pain, neck pain are some of the effects of being stiff and neglecting personal mobility.


There are many exercises for mobility. Our preferred method is using tensile rubber bands to create tension and allow resistance. THIS IS NOT STATIC STRETCHING OR FOAM ROLLING


There are two sides to mobility. Flexibility and stability. A joint that is excessively flexible or excessively stabile can be bad depending on your goals. When it comes to strength and joint health then the level of mobility required would air some where in the middle of the two.

Why Us?

At The Asylum we pride ourselves for being an educational facility for any level of client. First time in the gym, under 16, over 50, seasoned athlete, first time competitor we can help you!

We are not Fresh out the classroom. Our knowledge comes from real world experience. Our clients and their results speak for themselves.